Some experiences to share…

Above most things, I consider myself a lifetime learner. I believe there is opportunity to evolve and learn in all of life’s experiences. Here are a few of my accomplishments and pivotal experiences along the way.


  • BA with Honours from Trent University in Sociology & Women’s Studies (2000)

  • Diploma in Wellness Counselling & Life Coaching from Rhodes Wellness College (2006)

  • Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Mate

  • One-on-one counselling experience with children, youth and their caretakers since 2010 at the Howe Sound Women’s Centre

  • Facilitating groups, weeklong summer camps and healing circles for children and women since 2007

  • Indigenous Allyship Training (Pulxaneeks)


Yoga Training

  • Yandara Yoga Institute 200hr (2010)

  • One Yoga 200hr with Ryan Leier (2014)

  • Medicine Wheel with Christine Selda (2014)

  • Assisted Shamanic Yoga Institute inaugural Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training 300hr (2015 & 2018)

  • Yoga Outreach Core training for Trauma sensitive yoga (2017)

  • 2000+ hours of teaching experience

  • Diverse continuing education (Sadie Nardini, Reggie Ray, Kirtan, David Wagner, Natalie Rousseau and many more)


Women’s circles

  • Designed and Facilitated ‘Urban Women of Courage’ program and guided ‘Women of Courage’ backcountry camping trips through Outward Bound Canada

  • Ceremony: Blessing Way; House Blessing; Despacho; Fire ceremony etc.

  • Manage, coordinate and teach at the karma yoga program through at Howe Sound Women’s Centre since 2011

  • Began guiding semi-annual silent retreats for women in 2018

  • Co-facilitate ‘Women’s Wisdom’ a women’s outdoor support group through the Howe Sound Women’s Centre

Drinking From Center

Some say there’s a fire at the Center of our Being. How does anyone know? Though I believe it. Sometimes in a dream, I go there, and it’s not some hell. More like a lake of light that drinking from heals. And healing is not erasing what life does to us. Rather, drinking from Center knits the scars into a fabric that can’t be torn. Regardless of how we get there, no matter what is broken or lost, the weave binds us. We call its pattern beauty.
— Mark Nepo